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About Company
Exforma competitive advantages:

About us The ability to perform projects of any complexity with the selection of various equipment and minimal terms of manufacturing and delivery.
 Fast development and manufacturing of equipment for each object are available due to the proper design department where experienced professionals work.
 A significant improvement in the gas transmission network parameters is fully guaranteed by modernized equipment and absolutely new one that was designed and manufactured by our Company.


Saying “EXFORMA” we mean

EXtension of international cooperation
EXtension of the assortment
EXtension of the capacity

Trading and manufacturing Company Exforma was founded in 1991, Saratov. Nowadays the Company is one of the leading manufacturers of gas equipment.

About usExforma manufactures:
• the direct flow gas pressure regulators RDP;
• combined gas pressure regulators RDK;
• gas regulating plants UGRSh, UGRSh(K) based on own gas pressure regulators;
• gas flow metering points PURG;
• gas regulating cabinets GRPSH-FE 10(25);
• ball valves GShK DN 15-100, PN 1,6-4,0 MPa including "nord" version;
• safety shut-off valves PKN(V);
• safety relief valves PSK DN 25-50;
• Solenoid-operated safety shut-off valves KPEG DN 50-200;
• gas filters FG DN 50-200;
• gas regulating points PGB;
• automated gas distribution stations (AGRS).

The scientific potential of the design and introduction of new types of the gas valves and active participation in the program of Russian regions gasification (the firm participates almost in all government programs, such as the gasification of regions of Siberia and Far East, the gasification of Olympic facilities in Sochi, etc.) and policy of modernization of production capacities already allow positively solve the problems on a complete set of any industrial, agricultural and municipal facilities.