LLC "Exforma" is an enterprise with a developed manufacturing base providing production of new types of industrial gas equipment for gas supply systems of industrial, agricultural and municipal buildings.

Our industrial estate is more than 8 ha and the manufacturing area is 10 000 m2. Among them are: 6 workshop buildings (cast house, spraying department, assembly shops), 2 finished product stores and 4 administrative buildings.

Workshops' production sites are equipped with an up-to-date machinery and welding facilities. There are 20 CNC processing centres of DOOSAN (South Korea) and Milyano (Japan) in our working centre. The company is actively developing, expanding its production capacity, adopting new high-tech equipment with CNC systems.
(8)Welders' places of work have an advanced equipment for manual, semi-automatic and argon arc welding. Also there are exhaust ventilation. Welding technologies have NAKS (National Agency for Testing and Welding) certificates. Non-destructive testing of welded joints takes place in factory environment in a certified laboratory.

The following methods of non-destructive testing are used:
- X-ray;
- ultrasonic;
- capillary;
- visual and measuring.

To control the products life cycle and data records the SWE-PDM and Sap systems are adopted. Due to these systems large amount of data and engineering information necessary for design, manufacturing and operation, maintenance and disposal of industrial projects is tracked. Continuous updating of the technical standards framework is based on the information system "Tekhexpert." To develop the design documentation the "Kompas 3D" and "SolidWOrks" CAD-systems are used.

The "Exforma" company is a strong union of fellow-thinkers focused on progress and new products development. In 2013 we brought in a new product - automated gas distribution station AGRS. Also we updated combined gas controllers RDK and silencers.

• Automated gas distribution station AGRS
Gas distribution stations are the strong link performing the key functions on natural gas supply. Our AGRS is designed to reduce the high pressure, clean, odorize and measure the quantity of gas before it is delivered to the customer.

• Combined gas pressure controller RDK
combined gas pressure controller is a device that automatically maintains working environment pressure at the specified level and provides industrial and municipal facilities with natural gas. The purpose of this invention is to achieve the guaranteed reliability of the regulator in the range of flow rates from the highest point to the complete cessation of gas supply to the consumer, as well as reducing the time to overcome potential problems.

• Silencer
The "Exforma" silencer are designed to reduce the noise level of gas pressure regulator. It is attached to the outlet flange of the RDP and makes the transition from the nominal diameter of the regulator to the required one. The "Exforma" company produces reflection silencers. The silencer works on the principle of sound wave interference and their mutual cancellation.

Unique technology innovations used by "Exforma" in the manufacturing process:
- micro arc oxidation (MAO);
- corundum insulation system;
- solar-powered sets;
- a unique machine tool population;
- X-ray laboratory;
- technology of continuous gas supply to the consumer using direct flow regulator-monitor RDP.